Why Can’t My Room STAY CLEAN!!!!!?

I honestly don’t understand why my room can’t stay clean for more than 2 weeks.


Disclaimer: I own nothing

After I finish cleaning my room I pretty much feel awesome, I know where shiz is and my room no longer looks like a bomb went off. 


Disclaimer: I own nothing

fist pump!!! 


Disclaimer: I own nothing

I make all these promises to myself about keeping it clean smh…Yeah the heck right! lol somehow it ALWAYS manages to get dirty again. no joke I swear it’s like it gets messy overnight or some shiz- one day it’s clean and then the next day when you walk in it’s like WTF!!!!


Disclaimer: I own nothing

grrrrrr, like why????!!!! no matter what I do…


Disclaimer: I own nothing

Sigh, where did I put the effing broom?
lol please like and share!!!
– Jacquie 😉


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